About Us

Arts in Education Staff,
Arts Council of Hillsborough County

Caroll Vick, Director of Education
Christalyn Wasylkiw, Education Program Coordinator, Artists in the Schools
Tammy Harman-Siebel, Educaiton Program Coordinator, Cultural and Performing Arts Field Trips

Arts Council of Hillsborough County

2016-17 Board of Directors

Martine M. Collier, Executive Director


Campbell McLean IV, Chairman
Jeffrey Gibson, Vice-Chairman
Marian Winters, Secretary-Treasurer


Honorable Victor Crist
Honorable Guido Maniscalco

Honorable Lynn Gray
Lindsey Kimball
Robin Nigh

Board Members

Dr. Emery Alford
Lindsay Claytor
Elizabeth Corwin
Pat Mitchell
Joseph Restaino
C.J. Roberts
Bob Terri
John Thompson
Michelle Turman
Georgia Vahue

Hillsborough County Public Schools

Board Members

Cindy Stuart, Chair
Sally A. Harris, Vice-Chair
Lynn Gray
April Griffin
Tamara P. Shamburger
Melissa Snively
Susan L. Valdes



Jeff Eakins,
Wynne Tye,
Assistant Superintendent for Education Access, Opportunity & Alternatives
Barbara Hancock,
General Director of Elementary Education
Janet Spence,
General Director of Middle School Education
Leslie Granich,
General Director of Secondary Education
Melanie Faulkner,
Supervisor of Elementary Fine Arts
Dana Warner,
Supervisor of Secondary Art
Ted Hope,
Supervisor of Secondary Music