Artists in the Schools

Artists in the Schools

Artsist in the Schools

Artists in the Schools (AIS) provides standards-connected arts experiences and instruction directly to school sites. We hire highly qualified artists from all disciplines to provide performances, workshops and residencies. Teachers are provided with standards-connected resource materials to prepare students for the experience and to extend learning after.

Many of our programs utilize arts integration strategies. Arts integration is a teaching strategy that seamlessly merges arts standards with other curricula to build connections and provide engaging context. This results in students enthusiastically participating in the learning process.

During the 2016-2017 school year, 74,673 students and 4,454 teachers and community members participated in 1,287 workshops and performances presented by 116 artists at 140 regular, exceptional, magnet and alternative school sites throughout the district.

Please visit our Artist Directory to find out about available performances.