Ybor City Museum

Hillsborough County Arts in Education Program

Ybor City Museum

Ybor City Museum

1818 E. 9th Avenue
Tampa, FL 33605

The story told at the Ybor City Museum State Park begins 132 years ago, when Vicente Martinez-Ybor arrived in Tampa and established the Cigar industry. In 1885, Tampa, was a small fishing village with 750 residents. The population quickly grew as immigrants from Cuba, Spain and Italy came to work in the cigar industry and to provide other services that Tampa’s new residents required. Romanian Jews and Germans added to this eclectic mix of cultures that ultimately formed this new community called Ybor City.

To keep their traditions alive, social clubs were created and their beautiful buildings were constructed with funds from its members, who enjoyed afternoon picnics, dances, and musical plays and other artistic productions performed in their theaters. Each cultural group had its mutual aid society, which provided medical care and provided cradle to grave services for its members. Today, many of the cemeteries they built are both historically and culturally significant.

The museum tour includes a special exhibit entitled Traces of Cuba, which demonstrates how the Tampa’s Cuban-Americans and pre-Castro relationships with Cuba have greatly contributed to Ybor’s rich cultural Tapestry.


Curriculum Connections:

Social Studies



Tour Length:

Approximately 60 minutes.


The museum can accommodate groups of up to 60 students, but can only tour the facility in smaller groups of about 15 students.

Before your arrival, divide students into even, compatible groups. One group will tour the main museum building, another group will tour the recreated cigar worker’s house, while the remaining group will complete an educational and topical activity in the garden space.

All groups will get to the tour the entire facility and complete all activities.

Student groups are welcome to pack a lunch and enjoy it in the museum garden.

Bus Parking:

Park rangers will direct drivers to free school bus parking once they drop of students at front gate of museum (off of 9th Avenue).

Study Guide/Activities Guide:

Pre-visit lessons and Field Trip Guide for Teachers available on website at http://ybormuseum.org/learn-more/educational-tours-a-materials


Ybor City Museum State Park is free for all school groups accompanied by a Fee Waiver Request letter from that school stating that the park visit is related to specific school curriculum and is for purely educational purposes.

Reservation Instructions:

To make a reservation, contact Cookie Ginex by calling 813-240-1698 or send an email with the word ‘Tour’ in the subject line to fginex@aol.com.